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Lease Contracts (15 Mar 2022)

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Virtual Seminar: Navigating the Options of Options (09 Nov 2021)

Virtual Seminar: Perils, Pitfalls and Protections of Disclosures (19 Aug 2021)

Virtual Seminar: Protecting Your Commission (13 May 2021)

Virtual Seminar: Common Misunderstandings in PSA (19 Nov 2020)

Virtual Seminar: Common Mistakes & Misunderstandings in Lease Contracts (24 Sep 2020)

Town Hall: Navigating Lease Contract Disputes in the Wake of Coronavirus (24 Apr 2020)

All Contracts (15 Nov 2019)

Lease Contracts (08 Aug 2019)

PSA (11 Jul 2019)

Lease Contracts (25 Apr 2019)

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Lease Contracts (26 Sep 2017)

PSA (29 Aug 2017)

All Contracts (19 May 2017)

Top 10 Differences Between AIR and CAR Non-residential Purchase and Sale Agreements
California Lawyers Association (September 2018), Beverly Hills Bar Association (October 2018)

AIR CRE Purchase and Sale Agreement
Realty Investment Association of California Group (October 2018)

Perils, Pitfalls and Perks of the Electronic Age
ICSC Law Conference (October 2017, October 2016, October 2015)

Real Estate Finance
UCLA Extension (June 2017)

Advanced Legal Aspects of Real Estate
UCLA Extension (January 2017, February 2016, January 2015, January 2014)

Creative Methods of Structuring Real Estate Transactions
UCLA Extension (May 2016)

AIR Purchase and Sale Agreement: New and Overlooked Provisions
Beverly Hills Bar Association (April 2016)

Landlord’s Dirty Little Secrets
Commercial Real Estate Women and CCIM Institute (April 2016)

Crowd Funding Real Estate Conference
March 2016

California Commercial Brokers Agency Disclosure Law
UCLA Extension (July 2015)

Trends in Negotiating Commercial Leases
Beverly Hills Bar Association (June 2015)

Structuring Common Area Maintenance Provisions in Commercial Leases
CLE Webinar (March 2015)

Creative Real Estate Investing
Smart Real Estate Investors Seminar (March 2015)

Protecting Your Commission
TCN Worldwide Conference (September 2014), CCIM (May 2014), Avison Young (April 2014), Sperry Broker Forum (March 2014)

Alternative Methods of Structuring Real Estate Transactions
UCLA Extension (February 2014, April 2012, March 1991)

Representing Tenants in Commercial Leasing
UCLA Extension (May 2013)

Investment Analysis of Commercial Leases
REAP Los Angeles (November 2012)

Basics of Renewable Energy Leasing and Development
Los Angeles County Bar Association (February 2012)

2012 Forecast
Sperry Van Ness (January 2012)

Buying Distressed Real Estate Debt
Keller Williams Realty (October 2011)

Understanding and Negotiating Real Estate Leases
UCLA Extension (Spring 2010-1990)

Achieving Flexibility in Leases
The Staubach Company (April 2005)

Lease Consulting Seminar
Deloitte & Touche LLP (2005,2004)

Understanding Commercial Purchase and Sale Agreements
UCLA Extension (Spring 2001, Winter 2000, Winter 1999)

Strategies for Limiting Seller Liabilities
Los Angeles County Bar Association (October 1999)

Comparison of REAs of Regional and Power Centers
Los Angeles County Bar Association (October 1998)

Exploring the Complexities of Commercial Leasing
Benjamin S. Crocker Symposium, Los Angeles County Bar Association (April 1997)

Vision 2000 – Through the Looking Glass
Deloitte & Touche, CB Commercial and Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger (January 1997)

What’s the Mix in ’96
Deloitte & Touche, Grubb and Ellis and Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger (January 1996)

Shopping Center Leases – Fallback Positions in Lease Negotiations
UCLA Extension (November 1995, November 1994, February 1994, December 1992, January 1992)

Negotiating Representations and Warranties
Impact of Welded Steel Moment Frame Buildings, The Staubach Company (July 1995)

Investment Analysis of Leases
UCLA Extension Course (April 1995, February 1994)

Alive in ’95? The Journey Continues
Deloitte & Touche, Grubb and Ellis and Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger (January 1995, January 1994, February 1993)

Industrial Leasing – Landlord and Tenant Positions, and the Compromises in Between
UCLA Extension (April 1994, June 1993, July 1992)

Strategies for Expediting REO Sales
Home Savings, Stewart Title Co. and Sperry Van Ness (November 1993)

Workout Workshop
Buchalter, Nemer, Fields & Younger; Houlihan Lokey Howard & Zukin; and Kenneth Leventhal & Company (September 1993)

Impact of Foreclosure on Leases
Sperry Van Ness (August 1993)

Landlord and Tenant Perspectives on Percentage Rent, Continuous Operation, Radius Restriction Provisions
Restaurant Broker’s Association (July 1993)

Legal and Tax Aspects of Real Estate Exchanges
UCLA Extension (June 1990)